Laser assisted Quantum Well Intermixing

Finite element model of laser heating the semiconductor wafer

Post-growth selective-area bandgap tuning of quantum well microstructures is an attractive approach to fabricate monolithically integrated photonic devices. One of the recent and promising bandgap tuning techniques is the Laser-based Quantum Well Intermixing.

To offer a real solution for multiple channels and high-density photonic integration, a QWI process must be capable of producing a multiple-bandgap chip with high spatial selectivity without affecting the material quality.

Laser-RTA is a 1-step process, which offers the means to achieve targeted values of intermixing (bandgap shifting) with precision likely unattainable by other methods.

This technique is non destructive, does not introduce impurities and defects and can be used to write almost arbitrary shape lines of the QWI material without masks.

The goal is to determine experimental conditions leading to the high lateral resolution of the QWI process.