Atomistic structure of thiol-gold self-assembled monolayers

Simulated STM image of c4x2 structure of thiols on gold


Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) of thiols on metal surfaces attract a lot of interest both from fundamental perspective and due to their potential applications.

Why structure? Understand what we have to understand it's formation process and be able to control it.

Problem of direct imaging (STM) while GIXRD, LEED and PED are only averaging and sacrifice feasibility of the model for the quality of the fit.


rt3 c(4x2) striped phase prediction of surface reconstruction [Hammer] experimental confirmation of reconstructions so what is the exact structure?

Main research groups working on alkanethiol SAMs on Au(111) structure

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A regularly updated list of the most important papers related to structure determination of alkanethiol SAMs on Au(111) can be found in my Mendeley public 'thiol gold SAMs' collection